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Ceara Sturgis

When honor student Ceara Sturgis took her senior portrait in Copiah County, Mississippi, she wore a tuxedo instead of the drape that female students usually wore.  The high school principal then told her the picture would not appear in the yearbook.  The ACLU in Mississippi sued, just like the ACLU tends to do when our civil rights are infringed.  As part of the recent settlement, students will no longer wear gender-specific clothing and Ceara’s portrait will appear with her class in the school library.  The school library will “amend its anti-discrimination policy to add language affirming its commitment to following the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.” (Read more at U.S. News)

In chapter 2 of “Mystery of the Tempest” there’s reference to a similar case involving Denny and Steven’s friend Robin.

When will schools learn that young adults are entitled to the same protections and rights as the rest of us?



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